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A New Addition – Fig Tree

Two Sundays ago, April 6th, Compost for Brooklyn (Newkirk Avenue and East 8th Street) hosted a tree giveaway. The Brooklyn College Garden’s coordinator Sigrun made all of the necessary arrangements to reserve a fig tree. On giveaway were ornamental pear trees, but the addition of a fruit bearing tree such as the fig was a more ideal match for the gardens need. Not to mention adding to the overall diversification of plant species located in our garden. However, we did get there towards the end of the allocated time and while we were still lucky enough to get a fig tree, we also got a patient on our hands. The fig tree will need a little TLC to get it to thrive and I can think of no better place that at the BC garden for it to have found a home. Will keep you all posted on the progress of our little fig tree.

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